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2014 Demo Reel (Phantom 2) - Film

2014-11-06 2 115 Vimeo

2014 Demo Reel - DJI Phantom 2 Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal Gopro Hero 3+ Black Edition. These footage are captured throughout the course of my adventures around Pacific coast line to San Francisco, California. The Phantom 2 is a great arsenal to my film production to capture a more dynamic point of view, and these high rise angles that are hard to capture than ever before. I Am not telling a story here, just showing what the DJI Phantom 2 and the Gopro Hero 3+ are capable of, its AMAZING! During the making of this film, I've crashed ones, then got it repaired to continue. I went over 1km (1000 Meters) and made trial and error all together. Still learning as I go. Thanks for Watching :) --Gopro Hero 3+ Settings: 2.7k @30fps 1080p @60fps Protune White balance - CamRAw Music by Luke Neumann of Neumann Films - Change of Guard