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Aerial sceneries - landscape and cityscape DJI Phantom 2 zenmuse h2-3d

2014-04-04 4 394 Vimeo

This is my second film using mostly the Phantom 2 with Zenmuse h3-2d gimbal, there a few footage taken with my Canon 5D Mark II which are the timelapses and a beach scene. theres also No Image Stabilization in Post. This video took weeks to finish because at times i could not manage my time in shooting, and also city shots can be hard to shoot (gotta ask persmission to shoot, people around watching you, its a city and just busy overall etc..) and there also times when it rained and those took my days to be able to shoot when planned. Anyway i hope you guys enjoy the film, and this is just my hobby i do all day after work. Filmed with: Phantom 2 w/zenmuse h3-2d gimbal and full FPV set up. Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition - All Shot in Protune white balance camRAW, Resolution 1080p @60fps and 2.7k @ 24p Canon 5D Mark II (timelapses and a beach scene) Music by : Audiomachine "breath and life" extended version