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E12: Secrets of the Dawn Prayer ★ Divine Love: Hub-E-Rasul ★

2017-07-22 0 0 267 YouTube

About: Hub-e-Rasul Canada is an organization that promotes the traditional, peace-loving teachings of Islam throughout Canada. It conducts monthly programs with Quran Recitation, Nasheeds, Dhikr, Mawlid and Islamic Teachings. It also provides a platform for communities to come together and learn from various scholars. Vision: To promote Islam as the way of Moderation, Peace, Love, Tolerance, Acceptance and Good Character and to come against all forms of extremism and hate. To respect all the the Prophets and Messengers of the Divine. Also to spread the Love of the Final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (S) and to follow in his example of good manners and character. “I have been sent to perfect good character.” – Prophet Muhammad (s)