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Google New Logo

❓ What's WRONG With The NEW Google Logo???

The newest Google logo has been making the rounds on the internet! Some say that this is a mistake by the Google design team, but is it? Newest Upload!

2017-09-28 09:15 976,018 YouTube

Google's New Logo Explained!

Google just unveiled a new logo and brand identity. It's a major change, but I think they did a great job. ----- FOLLOW ME HERE! Twitter: Instagram:

2015-09-01 05:29 19,776 YouTube

Google unveils new logo

Google unveils new logo.

2015-09-01 00:48 2,463 YouTube

Google's new logo by SovereignMade

Google's new logo recreated by SovereignMade. 0:57 second video. Made with Windows Live Movie Maker and MS Paint. It took me under an hour to recreate the new Google logo animation. I hope..

2015-09-02 00:58 51,835 YouTube

Google New Logo google doodle 1.09.2015

Google has a new logo and celebrates the change of their logo with a google doodle. Is this a improvement? Whats your opinion? 1 September 2015 Google´s new Logo google doodle 1.09.2015...

2015-09-01 00:33 3,068 YouTube

Google New Logo Design Explained 2015

Google New Logo Design Explained 2015...

2015-09-02 02:02 29 Dailymotion

How To Make New Google Logo In Adobe Illustrator

In September new Google redesigned there logo, So we decided to make a tutorial video on How to make Googles New Logo In Adobe Illustrator\rWe have tried to mak...

2017-10-04 06:54 1 Dailymotion

Google unveils its new logo

Google has introduced a new logo today. Just a month after unveiling a major restructuring of the company, Google is updating its image, too. The logo bears a b...

2017-05-01 01:23 9 Dailymotion

Googles new New Logo - Branding Elements & Doodle Evolution - Animated HD Google Doodle (new-9-1)

on September 1 new, Google is introducing a new logo and identity family that reflects the companys branding.\r\rIt has a few new elements. First of all, Google...

2017-01-19 01:51 10 Dailymotion

How to Draw the New Google Logo

Learn how to draw Googles new logo (which was introduced September 1st, new) step by step in this drawing tutorial\r\rRead more about the new logo here:...

2017-10-19 09:25 0 Dailymotion

New Logo Google Animation

Trabalho feito para estudo e portfólio. Softwares: Adobe After Effects CC / Adobe illustrator CC / Final Cut pro X

2015-10-21 00:17 220 Vimeo

Best Friends Club

creative director / Jonathan Jarvis design & animation / Justin Lawes / sound design / Ambrose Yu / Working internally at...

2016-03-08 00:10 3,001 Vimeo

Big BRINK Announcement, Yeezy for Prez & Google’s New Logo

We discuss an exciting new project for BRINK - the Tucson Community Media Center! Plus, Kanye West is running for president?! We scooped up a few campaign URLs ...

2015-09-03 09:52 89 Vimeo

Best Friends Club

One of the teams at Google Creative Lab, NYC needed a new logo, so this video with some fun sounds happened. Creative Director: Jonathan Jarvis Design/Animatio...

2016-04-29 00:10 405 Vimeo

Google from Yesterday to Today

The video shows a well animated transition from the old Google logo to the new Google logo (Aug 2014). I have used Cinema 4D, After Effects and a little bit of ...

2014-09-04 00:05 1,201 Vimeo