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Episode 1 - 20-02-2012

The episode starts with Vimla, an affluent woman whose family is into transport business in Indore. She arrives at Shukla Mansion along with her son, Mohan in a posh car to attend Mansi and.

2012-09-29 29:37 1,803,211 YouTube

Punarvivah - Episode 32

Satyendra fears that the Scindia family would break the alliance, if they learn about the hidden truth. He, therefore, requests Aarti to change her decision. A concerned Satyendra asks Aarti

2012-09-29 46:11 1,516,044 YouTube

Punarvivah - Episode 2

Shobha gets furious and challenges Vimla that she would get Aarti remarried to a perfect groom. Vimla mocks Shobha that she would never be able to get Aarti remarried. Mansi and her mother..

2012-09-29 27:51 748,360 YouTube

Punarvivah - Episode 18

Yash enjoys with Palak and Payal in the gaming zone of the shopping mall. He receives a call from his client and so excuses himself. At that time, Aarti, who is also present in the same gami

2012-09-29 22:07 1,023,216 YouTube

Punarvivaah - Episode 281 - March 20, 2013

In the March 20 Episode of Punar vivaah, Suraj Pratap manages to convince Yash and Aarti to maintain their stay at the Scindia house by keeping himself at a gunpoint. Aakash beat up Yash but

2013-03-21 41:45 1,389,622 YouTube


Kratika Sengar Gift Segment....

2015-07-03 13:38 654 Dailymotion

*Gurmeet Choudhary* Punar Vivah India Forums Segment 08/12/2012

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2012-12-09 01:57 22,283 Dailymotion

Dance competition in Punar Vivah

In the TV show "Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed", a dance competition is organised by the hotel in which Vikarnt - Sarita and Raj - Divya are staying. Both the coup...

2013-09-28 00:51 4,903 Dailymotion

Punar Vivah Mein Twist!! - Punar Vivah - 12th Nov 2013


2013-11-12 02:26 8,431 Dailymotion

Haldi Sequence In TV Serial Punar Vivah

Haldi Sequence In TV Serial Punar Vivah...

2013-09-02 01:13 7,929 Dailymotion