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Welcome Home to Your Own Self

The opening session of the Lisbon Satsang Intensive with Mooji. Friday, 23 February 2018 Moojibaba presents his Invitation to Freedom and addresses some doubts and struggles that arise. A...

2018-02-23 51:04 23,129 YouTube

Let Me Introduce Your Mind to Your Heart

Satsang with Mooji During his recent trip to London, Moojibaba had a chance to meet with some of the local Sangha groups in a series of powerful and intimate gatherings. In this first meetin

2018-01-31 16:55 61,170 YouTube

Silent Sitting with Mooji on Christmas Day

Silent Sitting with Mooji 25 December 2017 In Satsang we receive the Darshan of the formless. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. The Spirit of Truth is upon you. The Spirit of Grace is...

2017-12-25 00:32 44,979 YouTube

"Mooji, How Can a Relationship Not Be Personal?"

Satsang with Mooji "Is it possible that in your freedom you stop being a father or mother? Do you become less? It is great that we have relatives, it is great you have a partner, if you didn

2017-10-30 24:04 74,353 YouTube

Silent Sitting on Mooji's Birthday

Silent Sitting with Mooji 29 January 2018 In celebration of Moojibaba's birthday we are very happy to share this powerful silent sitting with you. "You were there before all things came....

2018-01-29 55:44 21,195 YouTube

[PDF] White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji E-Book Free

Read or Download Here [PDF] White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Moo...

2016-06-04 00:05 2 Dailymotion

Mooji - L'Éveil, « ÇA » se déploie

Mooji - L'Éveil, « ÇA » se déploie...

2015-07-21 15:10 27 Dailymotion

Sve se događa u vašoj glavi - Mooji

Sve se događa u vašoj glavi - Mooji...

2015-06-24 07:22 5 Dailymotion

Mooji ♥ Answers ◦ The Lord will Take Care of Everything...

Mooji ♥ Answers ◦ The Lord will Take Care of Everything......

2015-08-07 05:05 49 Dailymotion

Shower of Grace ♥ Mooji & Omkara ◦ Diamonds on the Lake

Shower of Grace ♥ Mooji & Omkara ◦ Diamonds on the Lake...

2015-06-17 10:00 20 Dailymotion

Mooji's Birthday Celebration 2008

Some footage from Mooji's birthday celebration in Tiruvannamalai, India, in 2008...

2011-01-23 07:40 8,325 Vimeo

Schedule News for Mooji

After the intense and beautiful Satsang season in Rishikesh, India, Mooji will be taking a long rest. There will be no activities at Monte Sahaja - no Sunday Sa...

2014-04-01 06:06 9,141 Vimeo

Satsang with Mooji - 26th December 2013

Satsang with Mooji and 'Mooji Answers', recorded at Monte Sahaja on 26th December 2013....

2013-12-27 48:21 8,804 Vimeo

Die Before You Die (From Samsara to Nirvana) ~ Mooji

This is a full satsang dialogue that is also posted on the youtube channel "SatsangWithMooji" in four parts under the title "From Samsara to Nirvana: Finish It ...

2010-04-01 37:39 25,574 Vimeo

The Heartmind - An Interview with Mooji by ­Roméa Kleinrath, 16th November 2011

Interview with Mooji, 16th November 2011, Portugal. Mooji is here being interviewed by ­Roméa Kleinrath, who first met him at the foot of Arunachala Mountain ...

2011-12-01 41:20 19,373 Vimeo