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IMS - Penampilan LKB Saraswati Tari Pedet asal Bali

OfficialNetNews merupakan Program berita yang berisi berita aktual (hard news, light news, entertainment news), feature singkat dan feature mendalam. Beragam ce...

2017-02-01 03:33 4 Dailymotion

le voleur dictateur arnaqueur despote pedet!!

la revolution...

2012-02-10 27:42 56 Dailymotion

Albert Boadella amb la Trinca 1987 by Ona Radio Quim Pedet

El programa de televisó “No passa res!” va ser el primer format original de La Trinca (Josep Mª Mainat, Miquel Àngel Pasqual i Toni Cruz), que va emetre ...

2011-06-23 06:19 61 Dailymotion

Miracle plant gives hope to Bamoko-Report-EN-FRANCE24

Cheap to grow and process, the alfalfa plant is also an excellent nutrition supplement. It could just be the miracle plant needed by countries like Mali where m...

2007-12-14 02:49 110 Dailymotion

Protests in Bamoko as Malians reject independence of North

Nearly 2000 people in Bamako, have rallied against the independence of Northern Mali, a day after Tuareg rebels declared independence in the area they call Azaw...

2012-04-08 01:07 61 Dailymotion