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Red Lanterns battle Green Lanterns in GL:TAS Beware My Power

More at: Witness the rise of the Red Lantern Corps. whose reign under Atrocitus makes them a formidable force for any Green Lantern. For more of these battles, featur

2011-11-08 01:44 354,479 YouTube

Red lanterns VS justice league (justice league action)

Justice league vs red lanterns (justice league action)

2016-12-23 01:45 277,827 YouTube

Green Lantern: First Flight (Hal Jordan Recruited By The Guardians)

Hal Jordan As Green Lantern Recruited By The Guardians On Planet OA, Taken from The 2009 Animated Movie Green Lantern: First Flight. I Do Not Own Copyrights To This Video, Enjoy!!

2014-07-12 03:15 851,810 YouTube

Little Red Car | Jack 'o'lantern out of bed | Halloween songs and rhymes for children

We have a nursery rhyme, song, video or game for every occasion here at Kids Channel. With home to many cartoon 2D and 3D characters, we are a preschooler's best friend. Through stories, epi

2016-10-14 26:11 2,244,260 YouTube

Monster Truck Dan - Jack O Lantern | Halloween Rhymes and Song For Kids | Scary Monster trucks

In the land of monster trucks, Dan and all his friends are ready to catch the Jack-o'-lantern, Dan teams up with sparrow while Tatanka is ready with Muertos ...

2017-04-16 23:32 13 Dailymotion

Little Red Car | Jack 'o'lantern out of bed | Halloween songs and rhymes for children

Can anyone guess which is Little Red Car's favorite festival? It's the one where all of us kids dress up as ghosts, monsters, zombies and look as scary as we po...

2017-04-19 26:11 11 Dailymotion

DC Shared Movie Universe - Green Lantern 2/The Flash

Six years ago, hype for a DC shared universe was so big that we almost got a Green Lantern 2 movie and a The Flash movie. What happened, and what did we get ins...

2017-10-10 01:25 8,101 Dailymotion

Green Lantern Corps - Justice League Part One - Featurette (2020)

Plus d'infos sur

2016-01-20 00:35 10,045 Dailymotion

Big Jack O Lantern Full of Treats Openning with Olaf-WIayY


2017-05-23 00:16 1,417 Dailymotion

Lee Medcalf VFX Generalist Showreel 2015

2015 show reel of my work Additional Credits: You, Me and the Apocalypse ©2015 Working Title / NBC - Additional compositing by Chara Sotou / VFX elements by St...

2016-01-12 03:51 174 Vimeo

Animation Reel

Reel Breakdown: "Jak and Daxter-Playstation Move Hereos" Responsible for all animation of all characters and for layout and camera. Animation includes facial an...

2011-08-02 01:40 1,980 Vimeo


Breakdown: Company: Hydraulx Role: Generalist TD Project: NFL Gameday I established camera moves for the on set techno-crane camera. The information was later ...

2013-12-05 04:06 1,188 Vimeo

3D Colorful Chinese Lanterns 新年祝贺动画 - Motion Graphic Project - Cartoon Animation - tykcartoon

Loopable 3d render Chinese New Year greeting card. Colorful paper lantern hanging on a string. Beautiful sparkle light particles effect. 華人農曆春節新...

2016-12-22 00:20 201 Vimeo