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Surgery Theater

Introduction to the Operating Theatre For Medical Students

MMUH is a major surgical teaching and training hospital in Dublin as well as being one of Ireland's leading surgical centres in the fields of complex elective ...

2016-08-24 27:36 10,765 YouTube

Jasmine Goes to the Operating Theatre - A Patient Information Guide

As a guide for parents and children who are coming into hospital for a routine surgical operation, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has ...

2012-03-02 09:05 9,904,906 YouTube

The Old Operating Theatre with Mark Pilkington | Medical London

The Old Operating Theatre was built as an operating theatre for women in 1822 as part of St Thomas' Hospital. The theatre was a working site from 1822 to 1862 ...

2014-10-08 05:12 9,342 YouTube

World class modular operation theatres at MIOT International Hospitals

MIOT International has 21 infection free operation theatres equipped with the latest medical technology completely aseptic and dedicated to specific specialties.

2015-05-12 06:48 27,923 YouTube

Surgical Theater Press Reel

Virtual Reality has come to medicine and healthcare! See what the excitement is all about! Visit us at The Precision VR™ ...

2016-07-15 04:00 5,266 YouTube

Eye Surgery Theater Japan

Eye Surgery Theater Japan...

2015-08-16 02:10 3 Dailymotion

MUST WATCH!!!! Post cardiac surgery on Theater -قلب مفتوح عملية , Gameplay (walkthrough) - Part 1

MUST WATCH!!!! Post cardiac surgery on Theater -قلب مفتوح عملية , Gameplay (walkthrough) - Part 1...

2015-08-15 01:33 41 Dailymotion

Man Strums Guitar During Brain Surgery

by Jeff DonlanYes, you’re watching a man strumming a guitar through brain surgery.An Indian man played guitar as doctors operated on his brain for seven hour...

2017-07-21 01:16 3 Dailymotion

Surgery May Really Do A Number On Your Brain

‘So-and-so has never been the same after the operation.' In an era of both necessary and elective surgeries, the saying has become pervasive.According to Scie...

2017-05-31 00:54 1 Dailymotion

Brian Brushwood on Penn & Teller: Fool Us!

Brians appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us on The CW. Check out Scam School Remix to learn some badass magic: .\r\rBrians appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us ...

2015-10-22 08:17 3 Dailymotion

Breast Augmentation by Dr. Kevin Brenner on Surgery Theater

Dr. Kevin Brenner performs a breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, CA. For more surgery videos, visit

2012-05-01 09:22 2,687 Vimeo

Primary Rhinoplasty by Dr. Jay Calvert

Primary rhinoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Jay Calvert in Surgery Theater. For more plastic surgery videos, please visit

2013-01-10 15:37 343 Vimeo

Surgery Theater Mission Trip to Jordan 2013 joins forces with Dr. Andrew Ordon of CBS The Doctors and Children of War Foundation on a mission to Jordan. The company is set to release su...

2015-06-12 02:37 1,218 Vimeo

Field Anatomy: atom- r (Anatomical Theaters of Mixed Reality) on Shawn Decker's PRAIRIE Installation

ATOM-R: FIELD ANATOMY, (live installation, performance and augmented reality poem) as part of Shawn Decker's Prairie in Yates Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center A...

2013-05-30 05:45 664 Vimeo

Mother's Love - 'Areeraro' - Tamil 60 secs.

Theater Ad Film - High Flexion Knee Replacement Surgery. Director - Nandhini JS Produced by - Nandhini JS and Shukdev Lahiri Banner - Make Believe Productions C...

2011-04-04 01:05 298 Vimeo