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Yetalu(የታሉ) video clip(First in its kind)

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2014-07-14 05:12 796,516 YouTube

YETALU Al Fatihoon Official Lyrics Video

"Yetalu" from the new album!!! Official Lyrics video!! Enjoy!! Don't forget to Share!! ...

2014-06-12 04:38 79,184 YouTube

Kaltezazenin (ካልተዛዘንን) Video Clip From (Yetalu) Albumᴴᴰ

Enjoy the second video clip from the album(Yetalu) {{{{{{EXCLUSIVE VIDEO}}}}}} Don't ...

2014-12-23 06:51 279,555 YouTube

አዲስ ነሺዳ "የታሉ ምንሼ" #YETALU

የታሉ "የታሉ ምንሼ" አዲስ ነሺዳ ምንሼ በአሁን ሰዓት የእውነትም የታሉ በሚያስብል ደረጃ ለረበና ብለው የሚዋደዱ ሰዎ

2017-11-13 04:06 18,039 YouTube

Yetalu neshida

Ethiopian kids.

2016-09-24 01:13 2,807 YouTube