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TBT ADVERT: Makarao Courtroom Advert-(2012)

Have a look at this Animation Advert that was produced in 2012 and it features Alex Mathenge's Voice as Police officer. Subscribe here Facebook-

2017-11-28 01:05 101,843 YouTube

Makarao Tv-sehemu za siri (gari ya maiti)

2017-12-08 02:14 21,115 YouTube

TBT ADVERT: Makarao: I Miss the Old Constitution bwana!!

A3 Kenya Animation Challenge BUSTED! Special mention for the inaugural animation competition organised by the Association of Animation Artistes in partnership with Aitec Africa. Animation:..

2017-06-12 00:41 41,668 YouTube


2nd db.

2016-07-30 01:13 30,239 YouTube

Makarao TV: Kijana ulipiga Bolisi? Leo tutakuweka Gavana

Makarao TV: Kijana ulipiga Bolisi? Leo tutakuweka Gavana...

2015-05-22 01:12 291 Dailymotion

Makarao TV: Kitale PSV

Makarao TV: Kitale PSV...

2015-04-29 01:12 109 Dailymotion

Makarao TV Kitale PSV-with Subtitles

Makarao TV Kitale PSV-with Subtitles...

2015-06-30 01:06 78 Dailymotion

Advertisement: KIM ANIMATION- Clueless boss who needs management skills After the success of Makarao TV, Kenya Institute of Management commissioned Mizuqa Entertainment ...

2016-03-28 01:04 21 Dailymotion

Leyte survivors struggle to pick up the pieces

Habang naghihintay ng tulong, kanya-kanyang diskarte ang mga taga-Leyte para makaraos sa araw-araw. May mga biktima din ng bagyo na tumutulong sa kapwa nila nas...

2015-05-29 01:53 8 Dailymotion

Makarao TV Maasai Ero in Central Police


2014-09-06 01:23 445 Vimeo

Makarao TV Beba Eggcess


2014-09-06 01:24 868 Vimeo

Makarao TV Kitale PSV


2014-09-06 01:12 452 Vimeo