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Rush Limbaugh Jingle

Rush Limbaugh Show Opening Theme - My City Was Gone by The Pretenders [Instrumental/Rush Remix]

The opening theme to The Rush Limbaugh [Radio] Show. Same as with my Hannity video: like the theme, not the host. Sorry Republicans! COPYRIGHT: I do not own or wish to own the audio to this

2010-02-19 01:53 133,953 YouTube

Jingles Listens to Rush Limbaugh

At lunchtime I discovered Jingles reclining in her bed listening to the EIB network!

2009-06-08 00:38 159 YouTube

Rush Limbaugh - 1974 Aircheck (KQV)

Source: Rush Limbaugh (Jeff Christie) 1974 aircheck from KQV.

2015-02-01 02:36 11,464 YouTube

Rush to Excellence 1991 - Ain't Got No Home Duo

Rush joins the "Frogman", to perform "Ain't Got No Home"; the infamous "Homeless Update" jingle. This video clip is from the VHS, "Rush to Excellence Tour 1991."

2011-07-02 08:33 2,595 YouTube

Rush Limbaugh - " I'LL SING AT YOUR WEDDING "

With all due respect to Elton John, is that $1million wedding performance fee really justified?? Rush, I'd have done it for half that, and done some Obama satires to boot, much as it would..

2010-06-14 03:58 181 YouTube

Rush Limbaugh Latest to Criticize Steve Bannon

Far-right conservative commentator and radio host Rush Limbaugh has lashed out at former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. On Thursday, Limbaugh called...

2018-01-05 00:42 3 Dailymotion


FBI Text Messages – RUSH LIMBAUGH...

2017-12-14 23:58 0 Dailymotion

Rush Limbaugh Defends Roy Moore Against Sexual Allegations

On Tuesday, right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh said that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was a Democrat during a period when five women claim he made sexual...

2017-11-14 00:49 3 Dailymotion

Rush Limbaugh DROPS NUKE About Bill O’Reilly – FANS SHOCKED Hot news

Hot news - Rush Limbaugh DROPS NUKE About Bill OReilly – FANS SHOCKED Learn more about news on Youtube: .The 3 Week Diet | Official Website | Lose Weight In 3...

2017-11-20 04:56 0 Dailymotion

Rush Limbaugh Should Not Be Livid, Over Dossier Scandal!

Please open, and read the article attached in the link below.

2017-10-25 03:33 12 Dailymotion