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Laba Rema Namakula Ne Jose Chameleone Ku sitegi Yemu Ne Mesach Ssemakula "Totya Bigambo"

Laba Rema Namakula Ne Jose Chameleone Ku sitegi Yemu Ne Mesach Ssemakula "Totya Bigambo"

2017-03-10 03:10 16,766 YouTube

Mesach Ssemakula Ayanukudde Geofrey Lutaaya

Mesach Ssemakula Ayanukudde Geofrey Lutaaya.

2016-12-31 02:04 31,468 YouTube

Tukuloopera Ronald Mayinja & Ssemakula & Kusasira & Lutaaya New Ugandan Video

Subscribe to Ugandan Music Videos on YouTube: New Ugandan Music Videos : Latest Ugandan Songs: Best Ugandan Music Videos ...

2016-03-23 04:36 16,620 YouTube


Its a new hit coming from MESACH SSEMAKULA of the eagles production with a hidden agenda that people are supposed to contented with the little God has ...

2012-12-24 01:33 1,300 YouTube

Lovinsa Ssemakula Farewell Service Part 5 of 5

Lovinsa Ssemakula Farewell Service Part 5 of 5...

2016-04-03 05:56 0 Dailymotion

Made in Uganda

Fabrication traditionelle d'un instrument de musique en Ouganda. Images / montage : Cyril Ducottet

2009-04-10 03:38 3,095 Dailymotion

Msilu Lumba

Un clip de Ssemakula Duke sur Msilu Lumba (en ougandais : l'idio débile) Du punk africain

2009-04-10 03:11 181 Dailymotion

Kitawuuluzi 1

Starring: Ssemakula Nashider, Kariisa Ritah, Nakirijja Betty, Namale Aminah and Nasejje Beatie....

2016-03-02 11:37 0 Vimeo

We Gonna Get a Future - A Fact Finding Mission To Determine Protection Gaps Facing Ugandan LGBTI Refugees

Interview Sponsored by Maria Lopez Co Ex Director/Producer Pepe Julian Onziema + Tim McCarthy Interviewer Tim McCarthy Edited by Tim McCarthy Fact Finding Miss...

2015-01-28 19:12 531 Vimeo

WORLD Magazine April 7 2012/ Vol.27, Issue 7

In this issue of WORLD, editor in chief Marvin Olasky profiles two major league baseball player, offering an up close and personal look at their Christian faith...

2012-03-27 03:54 12 Vimeo

The Semakulas Wedding DVD

Whoever said weddings aint this thrilling has never been to one involving an Addmayan. Well, that might be an overstatement only if you haven’t spoken to anyo...

2011-09-30 04:22 662 Vimeo


The return of once exiled army general David Sejjusa produced by Eddie Ssemakula as class assignment....

2015-05-29 03:48 2 Vimeo