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Topology In Math

Intro to Topology

If you like my videos, please consider supporting me on Patreon: Topology is a kind of math, in which we study shapes -- but we pretend that all the...

2015-06-30 03:48 43,426 YouTube

Who cares about topology? (Inscribed rectangle problem)

An unsolved conjecture, the inscribed square problem, and a clever topological solution to a weaker version of the question, the inscribed rectangle problem (Proof due to H. Vaughan, 1977),.

2016-11-04 18:16 544,647 YouTube

Topology, Geometry and Life in Three Dimensions

If you imagine a three dimensional maze from which there is no escape, how can you map it? Is there a way to describe what all possible mazes look like, and how do mathematicians set about..

2015-02-11 57:34 32,244 YouTube

MathHistory17: Topology

This video gives a brief introduction to Topology. The subject goes back to Euler (as do so many things in modern mathematics) with his discovery of the Euler characteristic of a polyhedron,

2012-05-13 55:48 49,113 YouTube

AlgTop0: Introduction to Algebraic Topology

This is the full introductory lecture of a beginner's course in Algebraic Topology, given by N J Wildberger at UNSW. The subject is one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of 20th century

2011-03-10 30:01 81,160 YouTube

Topologos Workshop #26B: l'objet a dans ses topologies nodales 2/3

Parmi les considérations topologiques de l’objet a, nous privilégions aujourd’hui ses approches nodales. Le nombre de consistances (nombre de ronds de fic...

2017-06-28 41:18 81 Dailymotion

Create a large topology with MIMIC in 3 minutes

MIMIC Simulator Enhanced Topology Wizard to create a large star topology from scratch in 3 minutes.It is one of the major protocols that are used for the monito...

2016-10-04 03:53 2 Dailymotion

A. Ranicki: Transversality in algebra and topology I

This is the first in a series of lectures about Transversality in algebra and topology offered by Prof Andrew Ranicki ( in the S...

2013-02-07 09:21 515 Dailymotion

Formula Student Chassis's Topology Optimization done by Pisuerga Sport.

Formula Student Chassis's Topology Optimization done by Pisuerga Sport....

2015-08-31 00:22 10 Dailymotion

CompTIA Network N10-005- Media and Topologies - Fiber and Copper Media part19 of 38

This course with Keith Barker walks you through CompTIA Network+, and all the exam objectives for the N10-005 exam. You'll learn how to maintain, secure, troubl...

2017-05-08 41:39 4 Dailymotion

Skin Modifier test

This is a quick demonstration of an in-progress implementation of this paper: (note that their BMesh h...

2011-03-08 01:33 26,639 Vimeo

The Story of Maths: The Frontiers of Space

From the seventeenth century, Europe replaced the Middle East as the engine house of mathematical ideas. Du Sautoy visits Urbino to introduce Perspective using ...

2013-09-26 58:40 27,668 Vimeo

Wizzy Makes A Klein Bottle - mathematics in virtual reality

Wizard Gynoid demonstrates the beauty of mathematics and topology by constructing a Klein Bottle in virtual reality. Music by Miso Susanowa and Moby (used with ...

2011-11-25 05:03 135 Vimeo

Raymond Puzio on Homotopy Type Theory

Abstract A remarkable development in the foundations of mathematics has been the appearance of deep structural analogies between seemingly disparate subjects s...

2017-05-13 28:34 152 Vimeo

Databases are Categories 2: Refinements and Extensions

abstract: About five months ago I gave a talk here at Galois called “Databases are categories.” The basic idea was that a database schema can be represented...

2010-11-01 02:55 646 Vimeo